Our area is changing so fast that my head is spinning. 
The only way I know how to fight back is thru design.

Vavrus property sold and is now called 'Avenir'. They want to develop in the Northern portion of Palm Beach on Northlake Blvd (right next door to me).

Callery Judge Grove property sold to Minto. They want to not only develop but change it to higher density then previously allowed. From 2996 homes to 6500 homes plus stadium, college, hotel,  1.5 million in commercial, industrial.. No mention of keeping it rural to fit the area.

GL Homes property way out West of me (Hamlin and 180th)  is another giant tract of land sitting empty.

Lion Country Safari is developing part of their land to homes. :(

Slugget Property (Corner of Southern and S. Pratt Whitney) got their increase in zoning so now a big box store can come in and shopping plaza.

Palm Beach Aggregates (Highland Dunes)  on Southern Blvd.- the property that put some of our county comissioners in jail. Now got their zoning request approved just recently.  Again, no mention of rural. They want to also put townhomes, and zero lot line homes out here in the middle of nowhere. I found this comical. They rezoned after the corruption back to AG and saved 1.5 million in taxes for the last few years. They should have had to start the process over again. The county let them pick up where they left off.

We now have 3 gas stations out here. The county promised NO GAS STATIONS because we sit on such precious land and all of us are on wells.  One gas station is 12 bays. :( Another in our Publix plaza is a joke. and One more being built at the Winn Dixie Plaza.

Seminole Pratt Whitney road is widening to 4 lanes. They want to widen Persimmon and 60th to hit SPW. And ultimately Okeechobee (going right thru peoples homes) to connect at 20 mile bend on Southern.

We just fought them to not put in an easement directly behind my house for the Mecca Property just recently sold to the SFWMD. Where a Water Utilities station is and where they want access to our private roads to drive thru. 18 wheelers- chemical trucks. non residential access. ITID voted Unanimously NO and they're doing it anyways.

I'm aghast. Pissed off. Upset is too tame. They're going to kill this area if we all don't come together and fight this. I mean ALL of Palm Beach County.  I can't fight this alone. We the residents can't fight this alone. If you love it out here as much as I do. If you appreciate what I do and enjoy it when you visit. I need your help too! Because this is IT.

And here is the thing. We aren't against them doing what is right. Taking the land for what is allowed on it and developing to meet the surrounding area. To keep it rural. Allow horses, and livestock. And to not overdevelop. This is not what is happening. They are going after more density. Increasing the intensity of the land uses,  and they're winning.

Callery Judge grove property is a perfect example, it started out with being allowed 410 homes on it. Its now up to 2996 homes plus 200,000 sq ft of commercial... They want MORE> 6500 homes. 1.5 million in commercial, a stadium, a college, a hotel... WTF? They keep going in front of the County Commissioners and they keep giving them what they want. We're screaming NO and they're NOT LISTENING!!

Once gone its gone forever. Once paved, game over. My little life, slice of heaven, your access to real food, fresh, healthy, will end. I can't compete with homeowners that want paved roads, light, noise, traffic, and don't want to be near people that have livestock. The way it is out here is dieing and its not a slow death.

Please Palm Beach we need you to voice your concern too! Help us stop them from overdeveloping the Western Communities.

Here are the three BIG developments and the tracts of land they want to develop.


  1. Hi, I live out in the acreage and am embarrassed to say that I had no idea all of this was happening. I love the peacefulness and raising my daughter in this enviroment. What can I do to help? If you have any guidance or advice so that I can get involved in some way. This is my first time in your site and I love it and love the work you're doing. I would definitely like to learn more.

  2. Andrea are you on facebook? There is a group called Acreage Hitching post. Try to find and join. We also have a petition to sign on the notominto.com page. download and sign, then send to address on bottom. Pass out send to others. We have a booth at the greenmarket as well. Come visit and talk to some others who feel the same. Lastly, writing the commissioners is imperative. Tell them how you feel. Why keeping us rural is important. This is it. There is NO other place in the county to go.


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