Things I Never thought I'd Say...

I lived the life in Miami... Condo. Biscayne Bay. Convertible. Disposable income... then one day i woke up and decided.... I need simple. Authentic. Drama free. But I never thought i'd be saying and doing .....

Things I never thought I'd say....

1. "I'm the one with all the goats in the front yard."

2. "I can buy a year's worth of clothes for a hundred bucks"

3. " Tube feeding a kid is easy".

4.  "Watch for the Placenta to drop, and look it over for oddness".

5. " Can't.... Have to milk the goats".

6. "You spent what on a pair of shoes?"

7.  "I have a bunny living in the garage".

8. "I'll stitch it up"..

9. "Don't drop boxes on the inside of the driveway, the goats will eat it".. (to the fedex guy)

10. "Can't talk right now, have my arm up a goat".

or Do...

1. Run to Publix with blood stains and manure.

2. Go to a County Commission meeting, get up and talk, and realize you have hay in your hair, shavings on your shirt, and bleach stains on your pants.

3. Work in your Pj's.

4. Clean out the fridge and dump it in the backyard.

5. Stick my arm up a goat.

6. Smell like a buck in rut and not give a damn.

7. Drive around with a goat in your truck. in the cab.

8. Stick your finger up a chickens butt. to help get an egg out.

9. Take naps in the middle of the day.

10. Wake up at dawn.

11. Manually dilate a goat to help get the baby out.

12. Fall asleep in the barn to wake up to 10 goats, a pig, and horse laying with you.

And I wouldn't change a thing! Love my simple life.

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