Keeping it Simple...

A simple dirt road.

What is so hard about keeping life simple?
Why do people move to a rural area and want to change it?
Why do developers feel the need to concrete the world over?
What happened to ethics? Doing the right thing? and common courtesy?
What happened to not taking advantage of others?
When its all gone what do you say, "thanks for the memories?"

I get queries from time to time about my way of living. People either are enamoured or confused with it. I did after all leave an extremely lucrative career and now shovel shit, it seems, all day long. Without the economy woes, I decreased income by 3/4... I increased my self worth, daily laughter, joy and passion ten fold, though. By simplifying, life just got better.

Lunch with famous chefs who marvel at a simple thing like a farm fresh egg.

Neighbors who let you trespass so the goats can enjoy the daisy's.

Teaching children where milk comes from.

Mobile office and work day.

Living somewhere I can take my goats for a walk down the street.

This is as busy as it gets down my street.

Going on goat walks with friends and neighbors. 

That Aha! moment when they get it.

Seeing your hard work prepared for lunch, and people oohing and ahhing over it.

Biggest stressor in the day, 'will the goat kick a bucket and embarrass me?'

Teaching kids the beauty of an egg, milk, or just the quiet.

Breakfast. Lunch.... or Dinner.

Making an old person smile!

So you tell me... why do people feel the need to make life complicated, change things, concrete it over, develop and destroy. The battle this year is developers. Paving. Gas stations. People that want to incorporate. Water grabs. and city water. 

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