Goats for rent?

ok... joking... sort of... look!

This was a favor for a friend. Come to my farm she says, bring some goats and chickens, they want to shoot with animals, i only have veggies. --Ok..... I'm free that day.

Now it has me thinking.... I can do this. The girls will go anywhere, and do anything I ask of them, are patient, and kind. They're handled so much they're a perfect match for this kind of photoshoot.

A new venture perhaps? Another way to make some money?

Sounds good to me. We sat around eating and munching and just waiting. Goats do that all day anyway. Onsite. Offsite. Wherever.

Photoshoots. don't think i'd want to do movies, but will ask the girls what they think. Unless of course,  its with George Clooney.

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