My Community is Awesome!

Just wanted to say I LOVE my community. 

In the past year its rallied together for all sorts of reasons, mostly to try and keep us as rural as possible. It's a uphill battle fighting the developers, the commissioners pro development, the special interest groups, zoning.... Even our own district management.

There is a beacon of hope that I'm NOT the only one that wants to keep it the way it is. And I see the support of my neighbors, friends... And its heartwarming. :) I'd be the first to get the boot,  if and when this area gets too urban. It's starting. I'm screaming. People are hearing me. The glimmer of hope that my initial dream to live out my days in this house, with the goats, the area,  grow the business, isn't dieing because our area is changing.

On our Acreage Facebook groups they've all started rallying around my entering the grant contest from Fedex. (See below post on the contest.) A 25,000 Grant contest.  It's a long shot, I know. The chances of me winning minute. But that hasn't stopped everyone from voting. Daily. LOVE IT! It's turned into a bit of game. And it's so appreciated all the votes. Keep it coming!

And Thank you!

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