Kefir and success!

Today's Kefir settling in for their ferment.

IT's an on again, off again, love of what makes KEFIR so special that keeps my attentions. I keep trying it and hating it. And felt I couldn't sell it if i wasn't going to drink it myself. All milk is tested and tasted, eggs handled and cooked and so on. All cheeses devoured. How could I sell a product I couldn't even drink... While everyone kept asking me for it.

First try, the damn stuff, (wrong attitude) ate me out of house with all the milk i was using. That didn't work. 2nd try i just couldn't find the time (lazy) to pay attention to it the way it needed. Third times the charm (up for the challenge).

This past month i vowed to keep at it. and keep experimenting with it.  I mean it can't be as awful as i was tasting. I must be doing something wrong. :) And I was. So, this time around I kept going. and going. and tossing. and going. messing with the time frame of ferments, handling the grains better, doting on it, changing the milk out sooner, letting the grains adjust at their pace and so on,  in essence just doing what i do with cheeses, putting my instinct and touch into it,  and finally..... I get the seal of approval from not one but two of my kefir experts! Smooth, creamy and delightful. Delightful... what a word.


And i like it well enough to at least drink some daily to test. My next batch is going in the blender with some strawberries and honey.

Kefir will now be now be on the for sale list along with the milks and cheese. (of course, animal food consumption only)

1pint $4

And yes, I do taste to make sure its all good and yummy. I personally don't like the too tart, too sour kefirs. So, i'm culturing with that in mind. If sourness is wanted, let me know and will just keep fermenting that batch on the counter.

Fun. fun...

Next up is Kombucha. That i already know i love the taste of....

Oh and check out this guys site. I read it all and found some interesting tidbits and his journey into milk kefir. http://kefirgrains.info/

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