Yesterday, i had an encounter that hasn't sat well with me all day.

And it only dawned on me now what exactly the problem was. Rudeness in its simplest form. I'll explain. And hopefully one takes away something.

While I was in the house working on a project,  the dogs started barking. I went outside to find 3 people, smiling and all happy at my gate. Hmmmm! I went to the gate to see what was up. They explained that they wanted to see the goats. I told them I'm sorry but I was in the middle of a client phone call, and project and that they really should have called first.  They said they did call. They drove all the way from Coral Springs. They didn't leave a message. I checked later. They called while i was working not 8 minutes before they showed up...

Couldn't i just let them in for a bit?Hmmmm.

I again mentioned I was in the middle of my work day. He replies its a farm you're outside all day long. I respond NO I'm a designer by day and goat milker by night. :) I work in the house most all day on the computer, I have deadlines, and phone calls to make. He was unrelenting.

Once again they ask to come in. :(
My hair on my arms were raising. I'm stuck.
A little girl gets out of the vehicle, now i'm really stuck. Be rude to this man or let a child see some goats. I caved.

I agree. and mention I have 10 minutes for you to come see. That is all i can spare. He replies, 10 minutes? thats not enough time.... They come in. Can they feed the goats? Ride the horse? See the chickens?

At this point i wanted to pummel this man. But I felt bad for the embarrassed kid standing there? And they have granma and another daughter in the car as well as wife and sister. All piled out of the car.  6 of them.

I put aside my aggravation and did my best to introduce them to the girls. The kids. The chickens. And I was happy to be able to educate. They thanked me after an hour of my time and left. Prior to that they did want to "buy" some milk but I told them NO. No cooler, No ice, No milk. And that I wasn't BUDGING on this... They were more then welcome to run to Publix and pick up a cooler and ice. I never saw them again.

What truly is bothering me is that this is rudeness in its simplest form....THis man was pushy and clueless with regard to me and my time.  They come to my home. MY private home. THEY see this is a home. And then above happens. THis man took advantage of me and I'm pissed. He literally pushed his way onto my property and without making a scene I needed to comply.

Never again. Be forewarned.

What irks me so is that they didn't give me the courtesy of a phone call. They didn't make an appointment. They didn't care. and  THAT'S JUST RUDE.  What's worse is that if i was steadfast? What would come of it? I'm the bitch. I'm the rude one. I'm the problem. I could see it now their story to others how they went to this goat farm and the owner chased them off the property.  :(

What does one do?

Don't just Pop over at a farm without calling... I do know that when I asked how they found me they said the internet. Well.... I have it so written in various places to NOT POP OVER. I have set times and a set schedule that needs keeping. What makes their time more important then mine. And this is the crux of it.

What happened yesterday was just plain ole rudeness. In the future I won't be so kind.

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  1. I used to have my farm address on my milk label. More than once, I came home to people in my barn! Hey - didn't they see the No Trespassing signs?

    I have had problems lately with people doing just the same as you experienced. And time is money, whether you are a designer or a farmer - interruptions are irritating when plans are not made for them!


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