Good Riddance August!

August, (well the entire summer) has been difficult. As, Im trying to muddle through we had a few things happen. Setbacks. Progress. Heat. Life..... Yes... As you might have known by coming to visit, my house is a barn.


Linny became hypocalcemic. I didn't know at first what was wrong, just that she was tying up ( horse term) legs stiff, wobbly, her sugar and calcium levels obviously dropping deadly fast. I do think that catching it in time save her. I kept her in the house for over 8 days. Everyone said to save her, dry her off. I was able to save and keep her milking. Not easy. And the easier route I'm sure was to dry her off. So this took up almost half the month in nursing care for her. When one goat gets sick the others suffer too. :( all is well though! And September is looking up!

Especially the weather! I can feel fall in the air! woot!

 Meet Desire :) She has the prettiest face. But not so much the milker i was hoping for. I can already tell she'll be just like her mum.

The good news is that we received our DNA typing for the 4 doelings - Noble did it again. All four doelings are out of Noble. As a part of my "airheadedness" due to circumstances, I will blame on life issues, I couldn't ascertain who bred who when? I was almost 2 months off on birth dates. SO.... we had to DNA test the boys and the kids.

Here are the other three. Now I do have higher hopes for Delilah's two on the right. Their names will be (left/right) Desdemona, Sable, Fern. I think that Sable is showing signs of being quite nice. Desdemona has some serious potential, but she was the runt that lived in the house for 3 weeks, her two littermates died at birth or in utero. She had extra help. But only time will tell on the conformation dept...Delilah's kids heads always more refined then Latte's line. Desdemona is latte's. And obvious that they are just more milky and just like their mum. I'm keeping them all till freshening. At least.

The "Pekin 3" need to be congratulated  job well done. One of them bred to my Malley (Muscovey mix) and we have 3 little ducklings now running around. What fun! I do think if the three ducklings are girls they are end game ducks. They can breed and lay eggs but will be duds. I'm not sure about this though.


My pullets are just starting to lay!!! Time for them to go into the coop. That will make 6 in the coop.  And hoping for more consistent eggs. As they grow I put them in the coop so they will lay and not want to brood. I've created monster chickens that free range and do everything in their power to NOT let me find their eggs. Well, that and trying to find them before the dogs. I'm hoping to quell this by pulling the pullets and cooping them. 

Truly an odd couple. Here we have my silkie (black gal) with my mutt roo. They can be found always together. Its such a funny little coupling. I've tried to coop her. Not!!! She escapes all the time. So I gave up.

Goodness Gracious sooo glad we are out of August!

September has always been a resurgent month for me. Since the time I was a kid and school started, the weather was changing, and always the end of summer vacation. It's to me a back to work month.

And back we are! Delilah's Dairy is now in two stores. We sell the milk to Heritage Hen/Lay'ed in Delray as well as the soaps. And in Lake Worth we are selling our soaps and artwork at Hennevelt's Gallery.  (both are also on Facebook). Goood! Zazzle is still doing well with goat designs selling more and more. As well, I'm back up on Etsy in case anyone wants soaps.

My newest endeavor is taking my "doodles" and creating fine art prints and some notecards soon to come. So like I said earlier, Good Riddance August, so happy September is here. 

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  1. Your doodles are going to rock. They always do. And O.M.G.; Desdemona ... I'm in love. I hope she's a good milker, because she's beautiful!
    .. she building a rocket ship?
    Sorry, I had to ask.

    I still get a kick out of the animals in your house. If I were a single gal I likely would have a zoo living in my kitchen.

    Maybe once I get another house .. since the man is becoming a Long Haul Trucker.
    Redneck; it sticks like glue.


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