family milkers vs production milkers

Linny full of milk in the mornings. 6lbs given most milkings if I'm consistent in my care.
 What is a family milker ? What is a production milker? What is a heavy milk line? What does very dairy mean? There are so many things to consider before buying a dairy goat. The most important thing is what are you realistically going to do with them? And how much do you want to spend?

What are you going to do with 1 gallon of milk a day? You think you will have plenty of uses for it. But in reality 8 gallons or more a week from one goat? I guess a growing family of four will use this much. but it adds up. Where do you store it? Can your fridge handle 6 or more gallons of milk? If you want a milk goat, plan to milk daily for personal use, then a  "family milker" is more than perfect for you.  Even milking once a day is doable with a family milker. If you try to go once a day with a production milker? they likely won't let you. Or you'll create more problems then you'd want. Delilah even when i try to dry her off? won't let me.

I have here a heavy milking nubian. Her offspring  also produce along her line of production, if not better then her because of my buck. Then I also have what we would call a family milker. She will NEVER be a heavy producing milker. And her offspring might increase because of my buck but only incrementally. Her production will always top out at 6-7lbs. More likely she will average 5lbs a day. While my delilah (heavy milker) and Linny (lamancha shown) will  produce a gallon a day or more.

8.33lbs = 1 gallon of milk

The other thing to consider is breed of dairy goat. Lamanchas are (i'm learning) extremely consistent, hard working, love to work, milkers. More so on average then the nubians. Linny consistently has given me 5-6lbs a MILKING. 12 lbs a day. and she bounces back easily more so then the Nubians. I'm extremely impressed with Linny. And i'm going to add a few more lamanchas to my herd because of her. And will try to find girls along  her line.

Look at that foam. I need a bigger bucket with Linny.

The other thing to consider in the MILKing of them is the care you give. There is a direct correlation to what you feed, your consistency, and general husbandry with how much milk you will get. Poor feeding and no matter the milk line, they won't produce or worse they produce but then can get sick because they use up their body stores. Same thing with general care. Worming care and so on.

Lastly, age of the goat and the lactation they are in is very important. Linny was purchased as a 3rd freshener (bred 3 times). Each lactation # will increase with age. Or it should be that way. I'm noticing my "family milker" line of goat they cap out at 7lbs and thats it. Nothing I do will make them milk more. It is possible that Linny still has it in her to increase. Delilah is a 7 year old 4th freshener with a scar tissued udder and she is producing 8-10lbs on average a day. Even at her age.

So before you buy, think what you want.  Be honest with the breeder. And certainly plan ahead for all this milk.

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  1. I REALLY miss it all.
    Yer guts, the goats, the wine, and all the other stuff.
    Looks like the Lamancha is creeping in ;)


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