Linny the redneck Lamancha

Ok so... who knew? Linny has a love of beer. And of billy's. Not the buck kind of billy. The billy the neighbor kind... Who brings beer to the fenceline. 

My elegant nubians would never. They like wine.  ;)

Linny on the other hand? is probably still out there by the fence waiting for billy to come back with another can... :)

Hey... Lemme try some. I'm of age. Billy  isn't into sharing...
Ok.. well just a sip.....Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...
hmmmmmmmmm.....Linny's in love! with beer and billy.
didn't you know beer is good for bringing milk in?
Poor Rodney...not old enough to drink beer.
Billy! Billy... come back.....


  1. Too funny, I was just talking with friends about how dogs always try to get into beer when someone has one. Never thought of goats! Cute pics.

  2. I have a dog that would likely go for moonshine.

    ... so what's going on with the babies?!!! PICS!!!!! PICS!!!!


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