It's working!

woot!!! i've got eggs. :) Ok, so only 3 of them are laying. And only a couple of them are resigned to this terribly boring lifestyle. I'm not letting anyone out for at least another week. This way maybe i'll retrain them to roost at night in there.

Baby monitor is coming out today! March 15 is Latte, Linny, Delilah, possibly Magnolia start of due dates. So, it's possible anytime from the 10th to end of month.

Latte looks like she is going to be first. Huge. When the time gets close they start talking to their unborn kids. It's so cool. They get this rhythm going and its almost soothing to hear. They also are extremely cranky, very bossy, and not nice to each other at all. Especially at feeding. Likened to one day sales, 70% off at Macy's kind of cranky, pushy, neanderthal behavior. The poor little yearlings are just getting the brunt of it all.

They are constantly hungry. Last month we started with the alfalfa pellets again. $16.95 / bag.. Killing me! I couldn't take a chance on the hay quality this time of year and the waste was awful. It's the CA:PH ratio that is so important right now.  And then they're getting some goat chow from Walpole to add a bit more energy, protein, etc.  No BOSS. Can't. I think I'll add some Manna Pro back in as you only need a cupful.

Latte stuffing her face.

Yearlings are getting pushed out and have to share buckets.

No milk till April 5th at least. :( 

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  1. Love the picture of Latte! That's a big girl! :) Congrats on the eggs too!


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