Lost a friend yesterday

Brandy 20 years ago when i first met her. It was love at first sight.

Brandy died yesterday. and I really can't think of anything right now except that she was a wonderful friend and I was the luckiest person to have earned her trust over these years. Even to the last breath she and I were on the same wave length. It was especially hard to let her go. I have to say I'm a bit confused this morning.

She's not at my window hollering for breakfast. She won't be at my back nudging me to go faster at feeding. I'm saddened to think we never rode much this past year. I'm going to miss her terribly.

I was very sick this week with bronchitis and missed any clues she might have been giving me the time was near. Or possibly able to save her for a few more. I think the universe doesn't do coincedences is all I can say about that. My health was at serious risk. Her health at risk, both at the same time. If I had known I might have killed myself trying to save her.

Brandy was 27 years old. And we were never separated for more then a few days in all of those years. She is the reason we live up here now. I wanted her to be able to roam her days not sit in a stall.

She taught countless friends children's how to ride. Hell! She taught me how to ride. She truly was one of a kind.

I wrote this post a few years ago about Brandy,  and I couldn't possibly give her any more credit now then I did then. Have a read to honor my best friend.



  1. I'm sorry. We had that kind of November ourselves. I'm sorry.

  2. oh jo! i am so so sorry for your loss! holding you close in my heart and remembering you in my prayers as you move thru these next difficult days without your friend.


  3. What a beautiful tribute, and what a smart horse! You two were lucky to have had one another. I'm sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it must be. Blessings.

  4. So very sorry Jojo for your loss. She was a beautiful horse and I know she lived the best life any horse could ever dream of. I know things won't be the same around the farm witout her and that she will be missed dearly.

  5. JoJo I'm so sorry for your loss. I know she gave you the best years of her life but you also gave her the best years of your life. I know you know 27 years is a good long life for a horse and to be ridden right up to the very end and not thrown out to pasture is way more than any other horse her age gets. Make yourself an album of all the good times you and Brandy had together and her memory will never be forgotten.
    Love ya,


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