coming out of the fog


Today is the first day I feel slightly human again, I actually went out and sat with the goats for the first time in days. Goodness Gracious,  I needed the break from me.

Rejuvenated this morning, I woke up at 5 am and finished 3 projects before 8.  Then exhausted myself by noon. ha. I only stayed away from the computer for 4 days. But it surely was needed. Seemed like a whole lot longer.  note to self: Take a damn break every once in awhile.

Last Thursday the ER Dr. told me if I didn't stay in bed for the next week, at least, I was headed for full blown pnuemonia and a real hospital stay. Or worse.


The loss was HUGE,  my lack of picking up on myself heading for a total meltdown, losing my most beloved friend in the process,  I'm finally coming out of the fog today and realizing i just lost my balance. Totally LOST IT. And what sad outcome. What a dastardly 3 weeks. Everything is on hold. Milk. Soap. Goats. Work. Friends. Personal. Fair. And I know what it is... Damn Economy. Damn mortgage meltdown. Damn worry. Panic sets in, bills need to be paid, work can't possibly be turned down, can't say no, and so the snowball gets bigger and bigger.... Till finally, meltdown. And what is so interesting about this is...



Somehow this year I slowly started losing it.

I wish every one of you could have a neighbor like mine. :)  If it wasn't for Patti I'm sure i'd be in the hospital now. Especially, she had the terrible chore to help when the removers came for Brandy.

Thank you Patti for picking up prescriptions and feeding me and going to publix.  Sheryl for stew. And Bill for Soup. And clients who were understanding. And Janice doing my banking.

Here are some of my favorite photos that just make me smile. And think Balance.

Willow and the chicks.

Delilah 10 days old.

Hemingway being the goofball I can count on.

Cyprus stealing my apples and getting caught.

Brandy! will be missed.

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