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milk anyone?
Two days ago, I went into the bathroom and found, YES found, this little guy in my shower. I have no idea where he came from. Or how he got there. Though I can surmise one of my cats might have brought me a pressie. The night before I had heard sounds thinking oh no, critters. But ignored it. The cat will take care of it. HA! I did find a bit of scratching on him. slight and not vet worthy. Other then that he was a bit dehydrated.  Very Scared. and just displaced. If i knew where his nest was i would have brought him back. Mom Buns are great moms.

He is likely a Florida Marsh Rabbit. Hence not domesticated, and its obvious from his constantly trying to escape. And his inability to mellow, though he is sitting cute here cause the milk is flowing. Once that stops he's trying to escape.

Not quite sure what to do with him when he gets big enough to leave. And not sure how much handling I should or should not be doing with him. Something this tiny you just want to love on and carry around with you all day. :) no.... well... ok, I have at times.....

He sure did come to the right house. Goat's milk is the perfect wildlife food. 

More cuteness photos below. Enjoy!!
Ah!! The culprit. Baxtor must have brought him in.
Guesstimate 3-4 weeks old?

Marsh rabbit. Ears dead giveaway. Much rounder then cottontail.

Just makes you want to keep him. :( But not sure what to do.

This little guy is just adorable.

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  1. Yes goat milk is the best milk of all. Looks like he is at least taking a liking to you/milk enough to get some nourishment. I found some babies here in Oklahoma before and there was a wildlife organization that took them and then after raising them would release back into the wild. Maybe one in your area? Good Luck with your adventure!!


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