Being sick has its benefits

First I draw. Then I scan. Then I colorize.
shoes were started in the ER clinic. Took about 6 hours.

Then I go to Zazzle.com and create items for sale.

Tshirts. hats. postcards. posters. all sorts of fun things.

Being stuck in the house there is only so much you can do. I don't really have TV anymore. Not the click the remote kind. Laying in bed is not an option. So I've been catching up on drawing. This has always been a way to clear my head. :) and I'm having some fun with it. Draw. Scan. Illustrator trace. Colorize. Save. Put up on Zazzle. And possibly make some money. Saving my butt. I would be pulling out my hair right about now trying to stay in the house and not exert myself. Interestingly, the meds are making my hands shake. I kind of like the line it creates. So there are benefits of being sick. You just have to look for them.

flamingo took me about 3 hours

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