Switching to Comcast? Don't!

If you are thinking about switching to Comcast, don't do it. It's so not worth the aggravation they cause you and excess fees.

Two years ago I thought the "bundle" of TV, phone, internet would help save me some money. $129/month...And in the first 6 months it did sort of... Till the Promotion ended. Then it didn't save me anything. So I called to find out how I could get my bill down to a manageable amount. $150 was manageable at the time. So no extras, no HBO, etc. fine.

No Big deal till i needed to reduce it more. And i started paying attention to the bill!

Things got a bit tighter and it was time to let go of TV altogether. And then a few months after that lower the phone service to no long distance. At this point the bill should be less then $90 a month. NO TV. Lower the Internet bandwidth. No Long distance phone.

with taxes and all the surcharges $45 for internet? $45 for phone? Doesn't seem like such a bargain any more. Thats not the worst of it.

What Comcast doesn't say or one should know is that 
 they charge you for EVERY CHANGE YOU MAKE. 

$39 fee to pick up the converter box. HUH?
$169 for the converter box they've picked up but not reflected in bill.
$34.99 change of service fee. x3
$5 convenience fee. x3 (not sure who's convenience)
$7 late charges (of course i'm late the bill just jumped to $400). x3
$10 reactivation fee x2
$5 rental fee x12

And they charge me each one of these "fees" every time I called to make a change.
total of $400 in FEES. While i'm trying to decrease my bill every month there is another $50-169 charge added onto the bill.

The goal was to SAVE money. In the end adding up all the late fees, service charges, converter box fees (even though they've picked it up they still have it on my bill as a $169 charge), convenience fees (plus add in all the installation fees at the beginning), Comacast is costing me MORE then directv/Bell South ever did. 

And what the heck is a convenience fee? I still can't get a logical answer from the 4 comcast service people I've talked to.

when I average out my 12 months previously and the 4 months of Comcast nightmare. There is no money being saved.

I've called. They don't care. They comisserate with you, then shut you off.

Buyer Beware! Check your bills. And seriously rethink ever using  Comcast

I should have known better.

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  1. Cable tv companies will be out of business in 5 years. And I'm going to dance on their graves.


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