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I don't get all warm and mushy much. but what a heartwarming story, It's from a forum friend and FB friend Andrea, read on:

 I went to an auction last year and there was a goat that was on her last legs. She couldn't even stand in the ring and they were pushing her around. She is the only animal I have ever seen that absolutely no one would bid on. At the end of the auction these guys were gonna take her out and shoot her. I paid them $5.00 (her entrance fee into the auction) and took her home. I put her in a stall with lots of bedding and her own feed and minerals. She got antibiotics and stuff for pain and all the good drugs that sick goats get. We figured she would last maybe a week. She started getting stronger and stronger. She didn't put on a whole lot of weight but her coat got prettier. She was let out into the pasture where she would go lie down and stare at the sky. She always looked like she was smiling. She loved to go lie out there and look up smiling. She lived for about 2 months if I remember correctly. We called her Miss Mary. It just seemed fitting to be respectful to her. When she died we found her in her favorite spot in the pasture looking up with a smile still on her face. She was the happiest goat I ever knew during that two months she lived here. She loved us dearly. I have a feeling no one ever took care of her before and she loved being loved before she died. When we found her my husband cried. lol It was the weirdest thing. He doesn't get attached to the animals, but he was glad that I spent $5.00 on that goat just to give her a place to die. He gave her a proper burial out where she liked to lie looking at the sky. She was a sweetie. They all deserve a good place to die. I hope I can give that kind of death to the rest of my goats when it is their time.

Thank you Andrea! I hope all things good come your way with a heart as big as this.


  1. Beautiful, and God bless her and her husband for giving Miss Mary some love and comfort in her final days. I've said that once my cat population gets down, I hope in the future to take in older animals. I want to take in animals that no one else wants, and just give them a comfortable end full of love.

  2. 耐心是一株很苦的植物,但果實卻很甜美。..................................................

  3. 男女互悅,未必廝守終生,相愛就是美的。.................................................................


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