Well pump and sabel palms

This blog post won’t make sense to anyone but my Acreage forum friends. :) oops sorry.
The big white  thing that you see is my aerator it holds hundreds of gallons of water that come up the well thru 3 misters (that need to be checked for clogs periodically) The aerator does need cleaning out periodically. A bit of an eyesore. But I have it blocked off by trellis.

All the trees shown were little sprouts when I first moved in. One really tall one was established but in 6 years time they have grown fast!

The little weed like bush is beauty berry. Something you want to keep and tend to. It attracts butterflies (as do the native lantana). And so do certain vines that grow naturally.

And then the little sprout of the sabel palm sticking up thru the dirt is the beginning. I just block them off so I don’t step on them. Or goats eat them.



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