Call me Pippi!

I just came from my friend Jess' blog post. If you like quirky, funny, sarcastic commentary, from a mom with two teens. Surely check her out. She came to visit last week. Just to spend a day goofing off. It turned out she came over that next day too. And thank GOODNESS FOR THAT. As she showed up right when i needed her most. Someone had to hold Latte while i stuck my arm up her wazooo to pull out some stuck baby goats. :) Poor Jess, weighs all of 100 lbs. and well latte is more like 190lbs. Luckily, her daughter was there to hold her mom, who was holding latte, so none of them would eat dirt.

She wrote about her day. Took a few snapshots. And called me Pippi Longstocking. Love it!


Oh so happy to have some local friends that can come over like that in a pinch. :) Thanks Jess. Latte says thanks too!

go say hi!

PS. i'm happy to report Latte survived. The kids came out healthy. And everything is honky dory.


  1. Glad everything came out okay!

  2. You crack me up!
    Your more than welcome. It's always easier when it's another person's goat. ;)

  3. 男女互悅,未必廝守終生,相愛就是美的。......................................................


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