Cluckings around the water cooler.


Around the water cooler indeed! See that orange thing? Its the top of my orange juice half gallon. It’s holding their water. And they want me to hold it while they drink from it. Spoiled?
The first one, orange colored, momma was just ignoring it. Stepping all over it. And generally not interested... It hatched out 12 hours after chick #1 (who is still outside with mom). Momma and the day old one were all in sync and ignoring this one.  So I brought it in the house. Figured I would raise it. No biggie.
I go out there the next morning and oh my gosh one is trying to break out of its shell and momma is no where to be found. I sit and wait. And help and wait. And finally an hour goes by and no more ppeeeeps. So, I go on in. It’s like peeling a hard boiled egg. Learning from experience, NOT to push it, go slow, and if you see blood stop, chick isn’t ready yet. One little break of the egg and out pops his head, and a chirp. :) But, the chick isn’t ready to come out yet. After another half hour walking around with a half in half out chick,  it seemed like it was losing the battle. I finally got it all off, plus a little blood, uhoh. The little bugger warmed in my hand, started chirping again. Ever so lightly. But not doing too well. I really didn’t think he’d make it. It took him HOURS to look up, open his eyes, and turn into the elegant little fluffball. (he’s the lighter colored one). I never name the chickens. But for some reason Seabastion comes to mind. (its a girl I tell ya).
So, one is already in the house. I decide to bring this one in too! Under the heat lamp he goes ( I should say “she” I want hens).
Maybe in another day I can put them all back under momma. Who still insists on setting on the unhatched eggs. It’s quite odd. Usually they will all hatch within hours of each other. I have no idea what went wrong this time. Each one hatched out 12-24 hours of each other. I guess tomorrow I go and open the rest of the eggs. Or at least see what is going on. I feel a tad guilty on not going in sooner on the unhatched ones. Chances are they didn’t make it. And there is NO humidity right now. This is important to well maintained shells. It’s one of those should I, shouldn’t I mess with nature scenarios....
Needless, another era of “house chickens” begins again. Because once they’re in the house they always want to be in the house. Ask me how I know this!

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