We won Best Turkey award


No really, not the beginning of a joke!

Bob and Tom went to the Fair and Bob won Best Exotic. Pretty Cool.

I missed them terribly. Oh yes I did!!!  They were there for 2 weeks. I don’t think we’ll be doing that again. It was lonely around here early mornings. No bob at the window....

I hated seeing them locked in their pen. By day two they were fighting so we had to separate them with a cage splitter. All was going great till the fair tent sells bread for the kids to feed them. Uhoh...All hell broke out between Bob and Tom. And as usual Tom was winning. :( So that first night they had to be separated. Still together but at least Bob was safe from Tom.

But once I had committed I couldn’t just take them away. 

PLUS the kids loved it... What a neat experience they got to see wild turkeys. And if you know my turkeys, you know how friendly they are.  They were strutting and displaying two full weeks. Eating from the hands of little kids. I on the other hand was cringing inside. Every time I checked on them there was a huge crowd of people around them. HUGE! And they were teaching children, so I can’t get too upset over their giving back to the community. And its not too often you see such magnificient birds. They are healthy, well fed, plumed perfectly, and their COLORS. They just were a wonderful representative of the breed.

They’re exhausted. And they lost a few pounds (not a bad thing). Keeps them lean and healthy.

If you don’t know, Bob and Tom are Florida Osceola’s. Florida Native birds. And they stay because they want to. They came to me as youngins and they’ve acclimated to people and being taken care of. I’ve seen a few wild hens come visiting but Bob and Tom still stay put.

Today, They were so happy to be home they must have gobbled 30 times. Followed me around the house, and life was back to normal. They didn’t forget! Now to me that was the coolest part!


  1. Hey Jojo!

    Nice turkeys. I used to have a pet turkey a few years back that I found still hatching in his egg. The mother had been attacked by a hawk and the egg had rolled out. So I rescued him. He broke his leg sadly and died. Now I liked him but the rest that hang around my farm are all pests..so they get shot by my neighbours in winter. And they do make nice eating. I don't think somehow you'll be eating your guys. I won't eat my hens because they're all pets.LOL



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