Watercolored Daegann

I've said it before, gotta say it again, You meet the coolest people because of GOATS. ;) I do! One such gal is Melissa Perryman. She and I became friends from friends on Facebook. Like meets like, so to speak. I just befriended a animal freak. It was months later that I got to see how talented she is. She asked to use photos of mine on FB. Sure! And she did. Here is the one she did of Daegann. My newest buck.
But here are a few more!

Here is what makes her so unique. HAIR. Long luscious hair so very difficult to draw.
And personality. She captures it wonderfully. Perfect for pet portraits.

Plus she does a variation of styles.

This is stipple. Its another way to illustrate. I find it frustrating and timely. But
here she illustrates this horse beautifully.

She can paint/draw people. PEOPLE are by far the hardest thing
to accurately portray. So is straight on shots. Foreshortening shots.

Like i said earlier, VERY talented. Her ability to jump across mediums is
just awesome. She masters each one whether its pencil, watercolor, charcoal,
or pen an ink.

Here is her Information.

Melissa's Website

become a fan on Facebook

I hope that if you ever need a portrait done of one of your animals. Or kids. Give her a call! So impressed... can't you tell?

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