Well I finally did it

Pictures of the Junior class for Nubians is up on my smugmug account. http://milanodesign.smugmug.com/
I showed Syrah, Magnolia and Zenyatta in the junior doe show. Syrah came in first in her class. Pretty exciting! My first doeling born here on the farm under my farm name! Magnolia came in third in her class. Zeny? Well lets just say judge said to not show her any more..

Judge was Jean Lucas of Kismet Nubians in Virginia. Anyone that KNOWS Nubians knows the KISMET name. She is an icon in the breed. And how lucky I got to show under her. Even more impressive is she liked 2 of my juniors.

Delilah and Latte were shown in the senior doe show, neither of them were in milk. So I can’t say if they placed pooorly from bad conformation or just not in milk. Judge did come up and let me know Delilah might have placed higher if in milk. She said she was a pretty doe. But who knows. I have to show her in milk. And its possible judge (who knew it was my first time) said that to not dishearten me. :) needless, I’ll try again.

What a great experience! I’m already thinking about showing them in March in Arcadia. Outside of the “wearing white” I did have fun. And the juniors really took to it. Though Syrah was a beeatch for Kathy Lott who handled her for me. I do wonder if she would have behaved better if I was handling her. But great thing about a judge so experienced is that she can see past the unshaved goats or the inexperienced handlers.

This was my first experience on the inside of the ring. I’ve been helping to manage and have been on the show committee for 4 years but never shown before. Its stressful doing both. So next show when I’m just an exhibitor might prove less stressful and more fun.

See and download the full gallery on posterous


  1. Congrats JoJo!!!!!!!! Sounds like a great first time. Take care and enjoy the shows and birthing!

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