I had to turn the heat on

I put the heat on 2 weeks ago. Now that’s just crazy. This is FLORIDA for criminy. I can’t remember ever having the heat on for more then a night. Maybe two.

I have a turtle in the bathtub. 11 animals refuse to leave the house. Especially the two BARN cats. The rabbits. The dogs. And me. What a mess. Socks are out. Parka is out. Gloves. Hat. Scarves. All found up in the attic with my ski clothes that haven’t been worn in 12 years. Even the goats have sweaters on. Yesterday, I thought this was over. I had my shorts and flip flops on. Went to bed happy and heatless. My nose thanked me. Oh well, short-lived.
Friends in Tampa are reporting ice in the water buckets. Waaa? I wouldn’t even know what that is if I saw it. Today their reporting possible snow. In Florida. It is raining here. Just came back inside. 35˚ and raining a few more degrees less and I too might see snow. I’m totally out of the month’s hay. Yikes. They gobbled it all up. I put extra hay down in all the stalls and paddocks for them to eat or sleep on. Guess what? They ate it all. Which is a good tip for those out there. Keep their rumens moving with hay. Rumen movement will help internally heat up the horses and goats, and even my pig is partaking in the alfalfa. Though he is taking it and making it into a bed too! He’s the only smart one.
I was supposed to shave my goats for the upcoming South Florida Dairy Goat show next weekend. Not a chance. All the girls were coughing and were on meds from an upper respiratory issue last month. Not going to chance it.
Hope everyone is staying warm. I need to buy those gloves with the holes in them. Its kind of difficult to get work done around here with full gloves on. :)




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  2. Here in Geneva we had iced over water! I had to breat it off and clean it out. I put extra bedding down for my goats too. No sweaters though.Stay warm.

  3. Thankfully I don't have any naked goats this time around. Everyone looks like a fuzzball, and as small as they are they look pretty cute. No idea whats up with this weather - had to install a HEATER in my Jeep. Go figure.


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