Pure Cuteness

Why do they say bunnies are pure cuteness. I just don’t get it. Ha. I know bullhockey. Because they are. Look at her. How in the world can you not just love that face?

Say hi to Willow. She is 8 weeks old and is just pure cuteness. And friendly. And we like that she isn’t going to get too big. 4 lbs they say. She is living in the house. Her pal Oakley is living outside in the hutch at the moment till I see if I can get him nuetered. He’s a bigger bunny and I think a rex or mini rex. Like my pal Christine said, He’s just a plain ole bunny. So I doubt I want to mix the two.

I always wanted to jiggle my nose like that. My days growing up watching Bewitched!

Happy Monday!

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