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It’s quite funny sometimes how I forget something so Important. :) I was written up on a Vet Blog called Dolittler last month.

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Tulip is now back at her own home. Pregnant. And, happy, very happy, to be back. Patty has since informed me that Tulip is housing two (from the sonogram she took of her) babies. I've yet to tell her yeah right! Expect three. One is probably hiding in there. Behind where all the sonogram equipment can't see thru.
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Look at his form! Romancing Tulip.

Tulip stayed for 41 days. We pulled blood on day 30 and she really was bred that first week of being here. Noble is astounding. And if we could have figured that out, Tulip could have been home before months end. But as it turned out, I could never quite gauge her cycles. And biotracking doesn't recommend pulling blood till day 30.  I guess Noble did pull her in that first day, or days following. But, until she goes thru 2 full heat cycles there is really no way to know if she'd been bred.

Having a "guest" goat on the property was not without challenges. Its daunting to be caretaker to someone else's animals. And well stress was a bit high. Is she eating? why isn't she chewing her cud? why in the world is she laying like that? Now what is she doing? As the weeks wore on, I calmed down a bit. As did my daily photos to her "mom". And just went about my business. But always in the back of your mind is this "guest".

By the 4th week it was obvious to me Tulip lost a bit of weight. Good thang! she was pretty chunky. I'd say a BCS 4 scoring very close to 4.6?  but, leaving here she was more 3.8-4.  Not obese mind you. But for her size and age she was 165lbs. My other goat her size was 165lb. In lactation and 4 years old.
Check out this site for BCS scoring.

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Its a helpful site for gauging where your goats are. Sometimes fat is to one person, not so fat to another. This evens out that "opinion".

Her Chest area is a good indicator of fat level.

Overall, the experience went well. But I do see how it could possibly become a nuisance if not for this owner being such a good mom. When i asked for CAE testing, I had proof within the week. When I asked for a deposit of monies for her feed, had it in my hand 5 minutes later. I suggest anyone that is interested in having their buck "rented" out to add up daily food costs if the doe is to come and stay. I took into consideration (slightly) time and trouble. Charging $2.5 a day for Tulips visit. Because Noble is NOT a buck with udders on the ground (just babies), I didn't feel the need to charge for his services. The cost either way can get hefty. 

Breakfast is served m'lady.

One thing to mention is space. Paddocks and space constraints are always at issue here. Add a new goat, that you might or might not want mingling with your general population and you can have issues with where to put her, and how to feed her, and all sorts of little things you normally just take for granted. The first week Tulip wouldn't eat at all. Every morning I had to pull her out and feed her alone. 2nd week she got a bit better. By the 3rd week no more special priviliges, eat, don't eat, i don't care! :) Ok, i did care. But i felt she had plenty of time to adjust. And she could stand to lose a few pounds. But she ate. And everything I put in front of her. Beet pulp. Alfalfa. Etc. Prior to this visit her primary diet was goat chow. And she was a browse snob. First week she would only eat browse. Freshly cut mind you! nothing off the ground.


After about a week in with Noble, I let her out periodically for the afternoon, or morning, Or socialization with the other animals. I'm sure its exhuasting being chased around all day when not in the "mood". This is something at first i wasn't sure of. And most breeders won't ever do. But i felt confident enough that this was a pet, the test came back negative. her owner is a VET. And she got Tulip at a very young age. So I took a chance.

I'm very excited to see what she has. And keep in touch with Patty on her progress. And follow her blog when she writes about Tulip... Which I hope is often. Check out her Blog its always a good read.

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