How in the world?

How in the world did she get in there?

Went to check on the babies and the fuss, and this is what I found. Zeny is inside my finch cage. Empty cage. But how in the world she got in there is a total mystery. What these girls get into is just sometimes too funny. I had to get the jaws of life to get her out.

Just another day at the farm!

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  1. Well, she sure seems happy as a lark and totally oblivious to the commotion.

  2. been there, kinda. Cinnamon Girl head-butted a feed barrel open, tipped it over on its side, got 1/2 in it to eat & somehow tipped it upright again. If I had not seen her do the first two before, I never would have known how she came to be head first, hind legs straight up in the air, sticking out of a feed barrel. I would have taken pictures but I was terrified she would suffocate herself. She was fine.


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