Daegan Brenn

Meet Daegan. He’s 11 months old and I just retrieved him from a breeder friend up in Lake Butler, Fl.
He drove all the way home in the cab of my truck.

These pics are pre trimming so he’s standing a bit straighter then shown. One of the photos he looks toed out but isn’t. Nice straight legs. Straight hocks. Long legs. And correct. He’s a pretty boy. I really like him. He’s got those nice LONG ears I love. And his face is so sweet. He’s a bit wider in the back then noble was at that age, so I’m hoping he fills out nicely in that area. His front end isn’t as strong and wide as Nobles. But he’s much taller then Noble was at this age. I think Daegan is going to be a nice addition here complementing what Noble is lacking.

The main reason I need him is that Noble’s daughters will be having his grandaughters soon. Daegan is my “every other” generation buck.

Daegan’s sire and dam are both Lynnhaven. And that’s pretty cool. I love her goats. They have lovely long necks. Great ears. And udders to die for. The breeder that I bought Daegan from is far more into milk capacity and longevity and just like Noble will hopefully produce great udders. I can’t wait to see udders. Both Noble and Daegan come from Glades Ridge. I’m a Glades Ridge groupie.

At his last home, Daegan wasn’t “ignored” but surely wasn’t pampered. He fell right into our nightly visitings, and walks. Only been here 4 days and he’s already learned to lead properly and is eating his TUMS with vigor. And is loving his neck rubs. Noble of course, is a tad jealous, but it seems as long as Noble can SEE him he’s happy. And as long as he’s not near HIS (noble) girls all is well. Needless, I’m going to be needing a bit sturdier buck pen setup very soon. I still haven’t decided if these two can live together or must remain apart. So many breeders have conflicting thoughts on this. Well whatever I do, Its going to be 5.6 foot fences and sturdier then what I’ve got now.

MEET Daegan Brenn! What a name huh? Love it.

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