Goodness Gracious Busy Month

 You might be thinking, now why don't she write. WELL, let me show you!

Linear Appraisal was hosted here at my house. The week before
we needed to clean up, shave the goats, and overall
have them show ready for the appraiser to come. What a great experience.
Thanks to the conway's for helping me. I would never have done it alone.

They "appraise" your herd teaching you what is good, bad, so-so. Every
animal must be appraised thru the ADGA registry. I had 9 goats done.
And another friend brought her 6. Long day!
 The crew listening intently.

You bring out each goat and the appraiser measures them, looks them over,
and scores them on a scale set up for your breed. I did pretty good.
My Delilah scored higher then i thought. Oreo lower. And the babies did
really well.

Next up is an adult clinic hosted at the Conway's farm.
I packed up allmy goats and off we went. last year we had 10 in attendance.
This year we had to turna group away. 45 people we had this year.
Great turnout. But long 6 hour day.
Mike and Kathy came from Tampa to speak. Great friends!
GREAT speakers.

Next up is a 4h clinic held here at GGA. 25 kids descended the farm.
I thought it wasgreat. We walked around the paddocks introducing them
to all the animals. Then we showedthem how to trim. And milk.
Last on the agenda was showing them in's and outs of showing.

Here I'm showing them the "hippie" milk style.

YES! i milk on the ground. sitting indian style.
It's more relaxing this way.

Showing them how to milk and how simple the straining process is.
From there it goes in the fridge to drink. That's it. Yum! Raw milk.

Busy, busy month. And on the work front 2 huge projects came my way.
An annual Report. And a Trade show booth.

Lastly, here is louise. She went off to a family who's cooking her up
for Thanksgiving. My first ever animal to leave GGA for dinner. I think
this part of the month was the MOST stressful.

Hopefully, things will go back to normal around here.
Well, i say normal in a very loose term.

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