That is NOT what my neighbor says when he gigs that sucker.

Gig? Frog? What is this you say? Its called Froggin.
And i went froggin again last night. Yup, old pro here....
Ok i'm not allowed to gig, and i can't drive, all billy wants me to do is take pictures,
and don't tip the boat. Ok. I can handle that. Sort of... Tip the boat?
This is a finely tuned sits on TOP of the water, and it can sink. Very Easily.

Here are some pics. I put the camera at 1000 iso and 1600 at times.
shot at 250 and ap is opened to 3.5. I had a flash attached too. I'm
surprised it got a few good shots.

Billy likes to just rock the boat off the trailer.
Dangerous? I don't know. He jigs the truck back
and forth stopping short till the air boat is off the trailer. The airboat
doesn't weigh all that much. They have to be so light to skim the
surface of the water.

We get into the canal and speed along till we come up on "the fav" spots.
This is the C-18 canal outside of West Palm. We're heading East on it?
We put in outside of Corbett. Billy "gigs" all over florida.
Best gigging he says is in Miami. Go Figure!

My view from the cheap seats.
It's beautiful. Eeerie and believe it or not quite serene.
Even with this MONSTER airplane prop only 2 inches from your head.

Rodney gets the earphones. :) I suffer.

This is the gig holding a frog, going into the catch net. Its crude but it works.
and gigger's have been doing it this way for a hunderd years. Sans the airboat.
Billy maneuvers the boat with the little red handle you see below.
Left rudder. Left rudder!

What happens is you spy little frog heads popping up all over the place. Usually,
in this sea grass. You come up fast on them....

Billy has this light on top of his head. and you can spy the frogs by the
glow when the light shines on them. See any frogs below?
i see 3.

and then you GIG'em... Who came up with this term?
Here billy is missing the froggy. Yay. One for the frog...

...Who got away!

But, sometimes they don't...
sad. He's about to become dinner. I'm getting pretty good at spotting them.
You leave the little youngin's alone, and try to go for the bigger un's.
Firstly you are going 20-30 miles an hour. In the dark. Steering with one hand. Gig in the other
Then you spear. Which is only 4 little prongs with some barbs on it.
There is an art to it.

bye, bye froggy!

Billy takes us wuss's out only for about 3-4 hours. We only caught about 25 or so.
Usually he goes out later in the night starting at 10pm and he'll frog till sunup.
Then he catches hundreds of them.

He comes home tired at daybreak and i can see him cleaning them.
That part of the story might never be told. Uck! skin them and get the
legs ready for the fryer.

And yes, they tasted just like chicken!


  1. hmmmm! yummy! if there was any redeeming asset like frog oil, possibly.... ;)

  2. I can't bring myself to kill frogs. We have too few left here in New Zealand so I save them from that cats. I wouldn't be much use would i! LOL Great shotz Jojo

  3. Thanks... no killing of frogs in NZ... want me to send you a care package? ;)

  4. A shipment of frogs? Hmm MAF here in NZ might not let me have all those nice big bullfrogs. I have eaten frog before. They do taste nice.LOL I can send you some furry possums. We kill those off here by the thousands -literally. They're a huge pest here in NZ. I have loads of big fat American turkeys too.


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