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If you haven't read any of these articles, start reading, as this is in our own backyard. Many of the farms listed are friends of mine. Many were having problems till they got on the phone with The Farm to Legal Defense Fund. Some have been in trouble in the past. ALL of them are highly respected, been doing it for years, and know what they are talking about.

The single most important thing about buying RAW milk is KNOW THE FARMER, know the farm, and know the animals. Trusting your source is the single most important thing i believe. I wouldn't sell anything i don't drink and eat myself on a daily basis.

One caveat needs mentioning. This whole Organic no grain fed milk scenario that i'm getting alot of calls about. People read these articles, then wanting raw milk but asking if i grain my animals.... There is a difference from cow to goat. High producing milk goats cannot live on pasture alone. Not unless they are on so many acres that create a perfect "browse" environment. Goats are not grazers, they don't eat "grass" per se. They like to "browse" and eat waist high. weeds. vines. trees, shrubs. etc. Cows can get 90% of nutrition on grass in the summer months. Winter hay needs to be supplemented.... Because of this i think people get a confused look on their faces when i say OH NO! i would never pasture feed my goats, only. They all get alfalfa hay, as well as those in milk get grain supplementation. Granted my supplementation is beet pulp, black oil sunflower seeds, loose minerals, some alfalfa pellets, at times wheat, corn, molasses mix. But they will always be "grained". I think this needs to be explained better in these articles. Goats are browsers. Cows are grazers. And yes there is a big difference in their management.

Take a look at all these articles. All written in the last few months in Florida. all about RAW milk.





These are blog posts written about Glades Ridge Dairy and his issues with the Farmers Market in his area.




This site will take you to farm to legal defense fund.


It all boils down to choice. Its my choice to drink raw milk. IT's healthier. Tastes better. I think that others should be able to have this choice too without the US-Duh getting in the way. Farm to consumer. Directly from Udder to cup. My cup. To yours. What could possibly be simpler than that.

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