Art relieves stress. This i know! droodling.

Over the years in advertising and corporate America it's pretty safe to say I was overly stressed. As an escape from it, I noticed that droodling (drawing doodles) would be my panacea. Over the years, during client meetings, or times of extreme workload, stopping and drawing one of these droodles would help me. It was like taking all the confusion in my brain, and wrapping it around the pen and just letting it release. The more stress, the more intricate the drawings.

They started out as just blobs of lines and amorphous shapes.
The longer the meeting, the more intricate the droodle.

Then they took a turn towards mythical creatures.

Then one day recognizable things started to emerge.

I have hundreds of them. Lots of client meetings.
Last year i started to scan a few of them in and experiment with them in illustrator.
And Now they've got color.

This week I got my first commission to do 4 of them. I was working on a logo for a client and wondered if this style would work as a logo. They loved it and are now using it. On a whim I sent them a few droodles and they asked me to create a few "water" related animals. I'm very excited.

This truly has been what's saved me in extreme times of stress. One pen and paper.
Cheap hobby. Now fun. Maybe something will come of it. Maybe not.


  1. The turtle one is really cool!

  2. Thanks! i'm enjoying them too. rare for me to like what i draw.


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