Who's afraid of spiders?

 I'm not. Ok, I am when they are THIS SIZE. I have a feeling its a banana Spider. Which are harmless. But, WOW! HUGE! It was 3.5 to 4 inches in size.

It seems he was a bit intoxicated last night. Look at the middle line of the web.
Seems a bit out of sorts don'tcha think?


  1. I'm afraid of them if they are on me or if I think they MIGHT be on me. Otherwise, I'm okay.

    The design is called a stigmata and it's a visual aide to keep birds from tearing up the web.

  2. cool thanks FC... :)

  3. we have a smallish black widow who has made a web (with 5 egg sack) in between the panes of our family room window. I know she cannot stay, but I really hate killing even poisonous spiders.

  4. Oh lord, part of the reason why I live up north where it is cold is that the idea of running across a bug/spider that big is terrifying. D:

  5. I believe that would be an Argiope. I got a pretty good shot of one a few years ago. Beautiful spiders.

    I am afraid of spiders, but I try to live and let live whenever possible. I even recently scooted a brown widow out of my porch instead of killing it. Last night I got home late and had to run by a large spider that has taken up to hunting at night on my front walkway. Not sure what kind it is, but it is a hunter and doesn't make webs, and this is the second time it's been sitting out on the walkway late at night.

  6. I know!!!! either a huntsman spider or a wolf spider. I've looked those up before. have them too in the house and on the patios. I never see webs either.

    here is a pic of one.

  7. I vote for argiope also. They like my tomato plants and startle the daylights out of me when I go out in the garden. Spiders are not my favorites, but that one is striking.


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