PIGs need a home. Can you help?

Sadly these two are going to be put down in about 10 days if I can’t find homes for them.

this is wilma above and willy below.

They are located in Loxahatchee, florida 33470

Betty (owner) is willing to pay for transportation to who ever will give them a home. AND offered a years worth of food for them too!

If anyone has any leads or willing to take them in please give me a call or betty (the owner) 561-798-6155.

Pictures attached.

Willy is an intact male. 15 years old. A good bit of arthritis has set in. He is small less than 90lbs. Has a bit of tusk issues. But healthy and active. And I think would be better with some joint supplements and so on.

Wilma is a spayed female. 15 years old. And is going strong. She needs to lose some weight estimate 190lb or more. But other than that seems healthy and happy.

Wilma is the docile one. Willy based on age and arthritis is not as “ornery” as he once was.

Neither have been handled much in the past year so they are going to be a tad ornery I think in moving.

Both are well loved pets.

Please if you can help me find them a home it would be appreciated. The owners have had them for their entire lives. They were the husbands pets. He has now gone thru double leg amputation and must be moved to a nursing home for recovery. Betty (wife) needs to move with him to care for him. This truly is a sad situation and one were circumstances couldn’t be helped.

Now onto the sad part...if I can’t find them a home with your help they will be put down. As there are no other options and moving day is august 27th.

Call me or email me or betty if you can help in any way.




  1. FYI: I did do a little blog post about it. I hope she can find someone!

  2. Oh no! The only people I know around here have too many critters as it is! And I don't think my HOA would understand.

    Surely there must be some sort of 4H rescue group or something. Has she checked with local veterinarians to find some help, references, or farm animal rescue?

  3. I am sorry. Placing intact male pets, even outdoor pets, can be next-to-impossible. Good luck & if I hear anything I will point them to your page.


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