Piggy's saved!

Very happy to report that from writing email below and passing on to facebook friends and piggy lists we found them a home. A friend from the past, when I lived in Saddle up in Davie, emailed us and said he would take them. 10 acres. and they will likely have a 1/2 acre pen. Just yesterday, i check in with AH and he was planting a shade tree for them. They have some small dog boxes for shelter and a tarp or two  for shade.

Its a good thing! Here is a pic of wilma and willy getting used to the trailer. I shored it up a bit more by putting a back wood wall up and some more  tarps and AH had a canvas to cover it all for the ride home. They made it! Slightly stressed but settling in to their new home.


i hope they have a good life!!!


  1. Fantastic! I was just wondering whatever happened with them. I tried. I posted a few places, including my blog, and did research on pig sanctuaries. Happy ending!

  2. Thanks for trying! i really appreciate it. It was getting down to the wire. and i did have a rescue lined up just in case too! But they are so jammed that when you can find a home for them its so much better.


  3. congrats! Good work.


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