Walk Across America! with a horse?

Walking with Winnie.
Click to go to her site.

Crazy? Or Inspiring? I say inspiring. And immediately thought to myself i would love to do that. But i wouldn't want to walk. Ride. Nope. She is walking. Ann Byrns and Winnie (a transplanted wild mustang) are walking from Massachusetts to California. She is in Pennsylvania right about now. (july 09).

I wish I was on her route. Would love to meet and help her in any way possible.

What an inspiring tale. And I think its a great idea. Mustang's, out of any of the Equines are perfectly suited for this. Winnie is a first generation wild mustang.

Are YOU on her potential route? if so, get in contact with her and offer your pasture for the night. A place to sleep. Do her laundry. It doesn't have to be monetary.

Below is a map of her route. She is going thru Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California...

If you aren't on the route donating is possible too! Or sponsoring, or If you're a supplier of feed, gear, supplies, etc. Why not help her out if you can. I wish i can do more. But this blog will suffice right now. And if you can put it on your blog!

GO Winnie! and Ayn! Goodness Gracious Acres is rooting for you!


  1. Wow! She started one town over from me here in Amherst.

    That's gonna be a long, long trip.

  2. Yeah!!! but what an adventure!!!


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