Delilah's Dairy Goat milk soap shop- is up and running

Proud to announce that Delilah's Dairy. (me) is up and running.
I've even had my first "real" sale in the last 24 hours.
woohoo! I'm a store.

Have the packaging down. The shipping down. The paypal down.
I mean up. It's all good. I've sent out samples to PR firms and some advertising friends.
Will start to promote more aggressively. and start looking into wholesale avenues.


I've been sending to friends for the last year samples to try
and be my guinea pigs.
The result is they love it. I'm so pleased.

I've been making goats milk soap now for about 2 years.
Tweaking this. Superfatting that.
And finally happy with what i've created. Soapmaking is fun.
Its satisfying and it can turn into a side business.

Although Friends and family seem to think this can
replace my "other" job. I don't think so at the moment.
But it would be nice to dream big, huh?

CLICK HERE if you would like to purchase.
or above link.

This is a picture of the vanilla curing (below). it's deep dark, intoxicating. I can't get
enough of it. I just go in the soap room and inhale them periodically.

People have been asking me why i only have two scents available. Well,
mostly because of variables vs.constants. I want to make sure
when I create this it comes out exactly the way it should. Once I start
changing things, like fragrance, then if something odd happens,
i'm not to sure if its the soap process or the new fragrance and so on.
These two fragrances i've got down pat! More will soon follow. I just
feel comfortable selling these two for now.

Anyhoo! wish me luck!


  1. Congrats! My area up here has a lot of places that might carry it. The Pioneer Valley, and Northampton and Amherst in particular, eat this kind of product up with a spoon. I know one buyer and I'll send her a link.

  2. Thanks Joey. Leads like this are really cool. :)I'm more than happy to send you a sample to try. And your friend.

  3. congrats!!!! I make regular garden variety (non-dairy) soap in winter. I am allergic to EVERYTHING & it is just easier, but I do not have the bravery (or the goats milk) to make yours. I WILL look at the price list & if it is not one of the fragrances let me suggest one I would certainly buy: coffee. a layer of old coffee grounds through the middle of a bar will take the nastiest smell out of your skin. & I hope you will believe me when I say I am the queen of the nasty-smell encounter!


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