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Not only is this site amazingly creative and well done. The point is easy to grasp and visually helps get the point across. Buy local. Eat REAL. Eat local. Interestingly, our numbers are probably the same. Swap out the word Canadian. We export more than we ship local. We import things we could make ourselves. And why is that? Why does all our corn go to other countries? Why can't a farmer make a decent living? An average sized farmer. Why do we allow companies like Monsanto? and Cargill? and other BIG AGriculture eat up and monopolize the way we think about and purchase our foods. Why can't i go to publix and feel confident that what i'm purchasing is local? I'm sorry i don't have the answers. But i sure do have lots of questions. this is an ongoing battle for me. And before I became involved in goats and raising and breeding them. Or trying to sell wholesome fresh milk, eat more healthy, these thoughts NEVER entered my mind.

One of the things discussed in this website is to EAT SEASONALLY. WHY? Because when you eat something that is not in season it needs to be shipped in from another hemisphere. Ever wonder how you get STRAWBERRIES in WINTER in OHIO? huloo. So the choice to not eat out of season is one thing to consider, but at least it puts it out there for people to learn and understand that to get a "strawberry" to you in the dead of winter might just be something people are willing to give up. There is good evidence to suggest that our bodies function better when we eat the foods that are in season. Once its out of season? you move onto the next veggie or fruit on the list. We've evolved that way. I'm sure this seems a tad "out" there to some, so just think about it or read up on it.

So, here is what i'm asking, go to this site and watch the video. Read up on how you can also in what ever country your in help promote YOUR local industry. YOUR local farmer. YOUR small business. Consider the healthier route, better for us in the long run route,  rather than the easiest route. Thats it. That's all i'm asking.


  1. That's a reasonable argument. I think the eat-local movement would gain more traction if the loudest (or most heard) voices promoting it were reasonable people. Instead of hate-fueled leftist lunatics with a primary agenda that has nothing to do with eat-local.

  2. I haven't read much on that type of person. Though you are talking about those that hate Monsanto? and GMO's?

    But i agree make it palatable for the average person, be reasonable in your arguement, have things available to educate and then let them figure it out on their own. Forcing an idea on someone will never work.


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