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South Florida Fair every year has an agricultural camp for kids. It's a week long camp held during spring break, and then again in the summer. This was the first year they asked "goats" to be involved. And yours truly spoke. The presentation time alotted is 45 minutes and we introduce the children to goats. What a dairy goat is. What breed we have today. Important facts to know about dairy goats, or goats in general, like they don't eat tin cans. OR jump on your vehicles. We teach them all about the different uses for milk. And then we show them HOW to milk a goat properly. We explain the different breeds. Then the types of goats. The kids are so into it they ask really great questions.

After the talk is over we let them feed the goats, and then each child gets to take a picture with one. Pet it. Interact with it.

Kathy Lott lives in Tampa Florida. A stellar Nubian goat breeder, and friend willing to drive all that way to help out with her goat. Since I am new to showing and don't have as nicely groomed and pretty goats, I ask Kathy to come and bring hers. She is wonderful with the kids, her goats are gorgeous to look at, clean, and what I would call the "perfect" goat to show off. Caitlin has just started getting into goats, and her parents let her come and help us work. Bringing 5 goats is no easy feat. And the milk stand and all supplies. So, Caitlin is just wonderful helping out.

It's a fun day! Especially because we have a goat sleep over. Kathy and her goats spend the night and we do "goat" things. Talk goat. And so on. On this occasion even her goat got "lucky" and we bred her and Noble. Not sure who is the happiest, the SFF, me, or Noble.

The South Florida Fair appreciates our interest. We appreciate their interest. All around a win-win. And all around fun day.

If you would like more information on these camps Click Here. or go to southfloridafair.com website.

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  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2009

    Love the pictures;)Pretty goats and what a great goat friend to help you,I bet the kids loved it.Thanks for the link also.


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