Someone in my neighborhood is a coward. They hit my cat maximillian and then left him there. 25 yards from my property. I live on a dead end street. Only 1 house on either side of the street past mine and thats it. The teenagers next door always have friends come visiting and they are always driving down this street way too fast. I don't know how many times I've asked these kids, to ask their friends to SLOW THE HELL DOWN! No respect. Nothing gets to them. They're always right, we're always wrong. Well, i hope to hell this sits heavy on whoever did this.

What gets me riled is that granted you made a mistake, a bad accident, but at least come find me, own up to it. i'm the ONLY one on the street with a cat that is friendly. It doesn't take a genius to at least knock on the door. But no, I had to find out from my neighbor who called me. I had to go pick him up after he'd been there for a few hours in this hot sun, and bury him. Not only is this devastating its disgusting. Common decency is all that was warranted. That is all I ask. But I forget a coward doesn't do these things.

IF they had just an inkling of respect then they would heed our requests.
IF they were driving slow enough, they could have avoided him. I know. They know it. Do they even care?
IF they weren't weasels they would have knocked on my door, told me what happened and apologized.
IF they weren't cowards they could have made amends by helping me dig the grave.

It's been about 12 hours. I'm reeling. I'm pissed. And whoever you are,


I believe in karma. I believe in what goes around comes around. And i hope in your next life you're a weasel. Cause you surely are one in this life.

My poor Max. What a fabulous cat. He wasn't even "cat" like. He came when you called him. He helped me feed the goats in the mornings. He would go on walks with me. I knew when i got him there would always be that problem of him roaming, and gators, and i was ok with that. I was ok that one day he might not come back. If nature took him that was nature.

But this was just stupid, senseless, and avoidable.

I hope you get what you deserve!

Max had this nightly ritual that i loved and hated.
Where he would jump on the back of my chair and start
kneading my shoulders, neck, getting my hair all twisted up.
I will miss you.


  1. I don't believe in Karma or reincarnation but I HOPE something bad happens to the cowardly punk.

  2. So sorry to hear about your sweet baby! Many ((((hugs))) going your way!

  3. Thanks guys. I appreciate the condolence.


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