Urban Goats

I love it!!!!

And why the heck not. A small Nigerian Dwarf is a perfect family milker. Perfect size for an urban yard. And aren't that loud. They offer up milk daily. They weed eat. They are docile. They don't bite. (like a dog).  Their pellets are fertilizer. Not like a dogs.They are pets with a purpose. A perfect urban green machine!

SO... why is this poor woman having a hard time of it?

City rules. Antiquated. Outdated. Government rules.

click here to watch

click here to watch

Seattle passed a law allowing goats. READ HERE

Was searching the internet and just stumbled on her blog.

Not sure what has happened except there is a court date coming soon.
I hope they allow her to keep her "pets". They really are adorable. I should know.... :) I've always wanted the Nigerian dwarf goat but their teats too darn small to milk 365 days a year.


  1. I love goats, too. The males can be very very smelly from a long distance (I know you know), but a few does are more peaceful than one dog in a chain-link run. We have that very comparison her in our neighborhood...

  2. I don't know if you can tell already, but I'm mad for goats. I've heard people tell me time and time again what great lawn mowers they make. I don't personally have any goats...except on my blog.

    (found you via the BlogHer Ads)

  3. lawn ??? what's that? :) i used to have one. I'm mad about goats too!


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