Like all parent with kids... One must do laundry.

The big difference is.....

they can help. :)

Yes. I do laundry daily while these guys are little. At each birth I use up alot of  towels.... But then i use the towels cut up for washing the udders at milking. 3 goats 3 towels. 2 times a day. Starts to add up.

But at 8 weeks old they are old enough to help.

except for this little one.. She just wanted to nap. Who can blame her. It was 2 am and she is only 2 weeks old

This one is up to no good...

These guys are just non-plussed.

At First they were paying attention. But then they lost all interest.

They are my little ones i've raised. So they are at my feet constantly.


  1. They're so cute! Will they come do my laundry? I'm sure I have lots of rags for comfy nap times.

  2. Hey! thanks for posting. I am sure i can rent them out for the afternoon. Problem is that they potty as they clean. it almost balances each other out. Clean up poop. Clean laundry. :)


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