All my next generation of milk makers are here and growing like weeds.

With Nobles Good parentage behind them they are sure to be good looking girls. I can almost see it at this age. I'm looking for long and tall girls. Long in the body. Long legs are a must for me. I just think they are so graceful. A nice long neck is good too. In the rear assembly you look for wide setting of the escutcheon. That is the area where the udder attaches in the back. It should be more U shaped than V shaped.

Even at this age you can get an idea. Straight back. Straight hocks. Long ears. (must be longer than the nose). And deep wide chest. Someone said to put your hand flat in between their front legs up by the chest. If you can do that at this age it will be a nice hefty chest.

So as i'm enjoying my kids. I'm always looking to see what i got. Did Noble improve on the dam's? What did he bring to the table? As a buck he's pretty nice. And I think I see good stuff. Of course, I've only been doing this for about 4 years. 5 if you include the year i spent researching before buying. And this is my first crop of Doelings. All the bucklings last year went on to other homes, and Roman is my only resource for what Noble can do.

Delilah is in the foreground. Deep wide chest. Though i don't like how set back her front legs are.

This is syrah. Nice!

Only time will tell if what i think are improvements really are.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/goodnessgraciousacres/3431612319/" title="0411439.jpg by ranchgal99, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3339/3431612319_e27056ed6a_o.jpg" width="800" height="754" alt="0411439.jpg" /></a>

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