Animals that hate me!

This is max. My cat. He hates me. WHY? I've asked him quite nicely on Many occasion could he NOT sleep there.

You see this is where i have all the sterile MILK supplies. It's where i dry and keep on hand
everything i use daily with milking But this little bugger just won't listen.

Look at the raised bar area? see my tape dispenser? look... closer....

Its a black and white cat, lounging belly up just like max.

That is funny!

OK... Now this animal really hates me. I've never come across an animal that hates me sooooo much.
Actually, i've never crossed paths with an animal that didn't warm up to me sooner or later.

This is a friends rooster who has made it his mission in life to only attack me.

He's a banty roo. And i think even then he's a dwarf. He's no more than 3lbs.

But a true PIA.

And the only person on this planet he attacks? Is me.

Last week, i made Sher grab him so i could hold him upside down. I did that for 20 minutes. off and on.
cooing and loving on him. Then flipping him over. I know evil right?

It worked that day. Will let you know today if he remembers as i'm on my way to Sher's again today.


  1. Ha ha. This is soo hilarious. Your place sounds like mine.LOL I have five cows all pets (how useful is that) six chickens - all useless but fun. Two ancient horses and three cats and of course twelve acres and my two youngest daughters living with me. Great blog it's made my week.

    Take care
    New Zealand

  2. LOL.. MAD BUSH.. thanks!


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