2 thumbs up for 24/7 cleaning of S. Florida

Lookie!! No cobwebs. I have a wood floor. Who knew?

Mitch cleaning out the inside of an antique milk pail.

I have got to give a shout out to this company. 24/7 Cleaning Solutions of S. Florida. (they do commercial cleaning too, click here).

2 weeks ago i found them on the internet hoping to find a company that would come in and really, really deep clean the house. No cute maid. No harsh chemicals. Must love animals. Must really, really, dig deep. I don't need the bed made. Or laundry done. I NEEEEED serious cleaning. And i don't want this to be an ongoing once a week thing. Quarterly. Or in this case yearly.

Its a mess. Or should i say it was a mess. The house had more cobwebs than i care to mention. Coccoons in the ceiling grooves. Baseboards just a mess. Dried fruits and veggies on the walls (courtesy of my parrots). A floor so dirty you.... well, lets not go there. Stove had never been cleaned. Base boards? eek. And well.... you get the picture... right? Terrible. Awful.

And i'm not ashamed to say i just didn't give a damn. I raise my goats in the house, chickens come and go. Dogs sneak in. I live exactly like i want to. And when it comes down to what gets done around here, the animals come first. Then me. Then the necessities. Sadly, the house loses out.

But even so, every now and again, i would love to be able to clean it up. But by the time, i see the forest for the trees, its just too daunting. It took 3 men. 9 hours to clean.

Not anymore!

Mitch and crew of 2 more came in, promptly i might add, at 9:30am and stayed to 6pm. They did a phenomenal job starting high and finishing low. They were courteous and diligent. Mitch the task master was all over it. And it was much appreciated. Once i sit down to work i really don't want to be bothered with monitoring --did you do this? or that?

Adding I'm not easily impressed. Although i don't want to do it. I expect you to do a bang up job of it. And they did.

A couple times throughout the day giggles ensued. we had a horse sneak in. A piggy at back door. Some chickens that we couldn't get out of the house. Dogs constantly sneaking in... parrots singing. The horse was the funniest episode. As i hear one of them whispering to the other. "c'mere, look, you gotta see this, its a horse?" The other one sauntering over, and laughing "oh my gawd it is a horse"....As kiwi was sauntering in the house. Curious!

One of the reasons its taken me so long to find a crew or hire someone, like many people, I don't like "strangers" in my house. I've learned lessons the hard way. Been stung. But i met and liked and trusted mitch to work,work, work. And they did.

Hats off to you guys! This truly was a tough job. And i'm one happy camper.


  1. Well look at it this way you get chickens, a horse named..Kiwi? Well that's cool because I'm a Kiwi as in New Zealand LOL! in your house. I've had calves, chickens,kids (my kids) mother lizards and a few frogs to boot. You hold the record there on the animal visitors. I did have my oldest Jersey cow River walk into my house one time...no calling cards thank goodness.LOL Nah don't stress about how your house is or how you want to live. If you're happy that's all that matters. You'll find a follower appearing sometime on your side bar I guess that's me if blogger will be kind this time otherwise I'll just copy the blog link and make it happen!

    Stay happy

  2. I think having animals in the house is kinda neat, but what about the umm...poop? Are they trained to do their business outside?


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