one more GoodnessGracious kid!


She is a sweet heart!

Delilah gave me a little doeling Saturday afternoon. I was out all day getting the first three disbudded and came home to active labor. She was waiting for me to get home. They are so dependent on you when in such confined care, that when i left her to get setup for babies she wanted to follow, when she couldn't follow this whiney crying would start, "mommmmmmmmaaaaa don't leave me"... within 20 minutes of active labor we were done. One baby.

I really like this little ones markings.

Friends came to visit yesterday and their daughter without even knowing my farm name, offered up "gracie" as her  name. I kind of like it.

Goodness Gracious Gracie!

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  1. What a beauty! And she comes with her very own built-in knee pads! She really is adorable.

    On a sidenote, I have a cat named Delilah. And is REALLY whiny, too!


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