Don't Catch that EMU!


This was the consensus of all who i called.

Firstly, they are mean. They are alot like the turkeys and can kick and hurt you. Needless they are also 4 times the size. You need to cover their heads. Grab their body's and maneuver them as you stand behind them. Those knees bend backwards and if you are in front of them? eeek. lol...

OH WELL! i did try to save the darn thing. But he just wasn't interested in following me or the food trail.

He was running up and down our side road all day. The kids on bicycles weren't helping the situation either. I hope he is ok. And got back to his farm.

Funky looking creature isn't he?


  1. too bad we aren't closer, we have caught ours when he went walk-about.

    Emus can be mean if they are cornered but mostly prefer flight. Ours will follow anyone who has an apple or a scoop of cracked corn. The easiest way to lure them, though is with water. They are drawn to a sprinkler even on a chilly (18F) day.

  2. oh wow. thanks. i didn't think about water. if i see him again that is what i'll do. turn on the hose.


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