All Together Now!

Wednesday (don't tell my clients), I went out on YET another goat walk. CA came to visit from Arcadia, and to pick up her newest little girl Eureka, and well, we took a walk. What is so unusual was that I let them ALL come. Noble, Roman, Delilah, Oreo, Latte, Eureka, Zenyatta, Syrah, and Gracie. Gracie is only 11 days old. And she smoked them all. She was so darn cute and funny. We don't go far. Just across the street. Or up the road a bit. Its always fun to bring new friends on a goat walk.

The whole herd went for a walk!


  1. How cute, and what fun! Is that girl in the back pregnant? Big belly!

  2. I love Nubians! & what a great picture.

    We are in greater Gainesville, as you asked.


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