If the waiting doesn't kill ya. The wondering will.

This is OREO we are patiently waiting. *yeah right* for her to have babies.
This is latte her sister giving her some advice?

This is the meeting of the udders. My udder is bigger than yours conversation.
OREO's udder is filling in slowly and Delilah's udder just won't shrink so although
she is dry and has another month to go, her udder is decidedly the winna.

WEll, it's that time of year again. The waiting. The wondering. The
calendar checking. The baby monitor. The waiting some more. and the
double checking of the calendar. The not leaving the house for more
than a few hours. The midnight checks. The constant worry. The life on hold.

This is my 2nd year of birthing babies here at Goodness Gracious Acres.
For five years i've been bottle feeding my babies bought from
others. Or taken in. BUT, i'm truly a veritable neophyte when it comes
to birthing babes.

The one thing i didn't do last year which did get better this
year was writing down in the calendar, the dates when putting  couples together.
So, i do have an inkling that my first birth should be around February
13, 14, 15. I THINK!

It possibly could be the 16, 17, 18th. TOO!

Though it didn't stop me for one second this year after putting up the
baby monitor to ignore my own time stamps and listen to the monitor
proclaiming she is due soon. Oh the moaning, and the talking and the personality change. It was possible she was due early. The week of Noble's
recovery last year, I had put them all together. HE perked up with
the girls. He was half dead, and seeing him perk up was helping him recouperate. But that time has come and gone.

What i do differently than many SANE breeders, is I put them in and
leave them together for a couple weeks. Most breeders, put them
together ONE day. 2 days. And then pull the buck. If she has settled
chances are she won't, and he won't, have any interest in each other

HERE we did it sort of that way. I put them together on a certain day.
And then left them together. THEN i put in the next doe, and then the
next. Writing down the START dates for the couplings.

I did it for ridiculous reasons. I wanted Noble, my buck to have some pals to hang with. You see, he does his thing and then he should get pulled from the doe's not to see them again till next year. What's a bachelor to do 364 days of the year? It just seems cruel.

No!! what is cruel is putting myself thru this worry and wonder. Hmmm... His happiness. Or my sanity. I have a feeling next year, sanity will win out. Hands down.

Give me credit, I'm more organized than last year. Next year? I might do it like the SANE breeders. You see this is why they are STILL SANE!

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  1. Well Jojo, you know what the definition of insanity is, dontcha' know? LOL!

    Hang in there mama!


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