Wow... the universe is good to me this year. Wednesday February 11th at 11am,  I received not one (which i was hoping for) but 3 doelings out of Oreo.

All three births were pretty much uneventful. I saw my first one coming out around 9:45 and we ( i had help this year yippee) stayed calm and patient. She presented picture perfect two toes and a nose and out she came.

We cleaned her off and LOOOKED boy or girl? Big Sigh of relief.

I thought she was finished. Last year she only gave me one little boy, my Roman. 20 minutes later another push and a bubble came out. oops Backwards.  Feet first. Still ok. As long as both back feet coming out. All black. And 3 white socks. aww. I'm floored. Speechless. another girl? Ok i'm done. We're cleaning up and getting mom ready to milk and WHAM!!!! out comes another bubble. Backwards. Again. This time i had to maneuver around in there and find her left leg, it was stuck under the bone of Oreo's hip. I pushed her back in a bit. Pulled the hock out from under the ridge and pulled her out hock bent. i couldn't get the leg to straighten out, without doing damage to doe or kid. Oh Shit!! I took a chance hoping that this would work. So one leg fully out and extended and this one bent. i just wrapped my finger around the hock to guide it out so it wouldn't get stuck again.

At this point, i'm wondering no way not another one? So i dug in and checked her out. No more.

All pretty healthy. All gorgeous.

The last little girl is about 24 hours behind the other two. Out in pasture, she'd be dead by now. She couldn't stand till last night. And she could only stand if i propped her up. Tonight she can now get herself up on her own. She is half the size of the first baby. The vet helped me Thursday morning by making this sling so that she could stand and try to balance and work those muscles. I did this almost every hour on Thursday. By the evening she could stand on her own. Just not get up on her own. Tonight she is getting up and down on her own. :)

The vet also taught me how to tube feed. She wasn't sucking properly. All we had to do was tube her that one time and something in her kicked in as subsequent feedings have been by the bottle.

Look at the size of the first baby vs. the last baby... They came out in this order too.

Pics below are pretty gooey. Fair warning for those of you not wanting to see goo! we didn't have pictures of the 3rd birth as both of us were frantic in trying to get her to breath. She came out not breathing. So i don't know if there is any connection to the slowness of her progress vs. the possible slight lack of oxygen to the brain. The kids that come out back feet first the way they are moving usually cut off the umbilical before its time to kid. So its kind of dangerous to let that presentation take its course. IF they are back feet first. I pull. and help.

When they are first out they have trouble breathing with all that goo. So we need to clean it up.
Pretty icky stuff. But, it seems to get easier the more I do it.

Mom gets to clean her up too. Last year she didn't want to. And i would have to put the goo on me and
let her lick it off of me. This year luckily, she did. Its important to help stimulate the baby, but
also its healthy for mom to reingest it.

I have 2 more does to kid. WOW!! And i already have 3 girls.


  1. Wow! That's fantastic!

    They are so cute. Lucky you. I've always wanted goats. You must be having fun! Congratulations!

  2. THANKS for the visit. i need to go see how your garden is shaping up. been a tad busy this last month. :)

    i'm a proud momma. thats for sure!

  3. They are ADORABLE!!! I am So going to have goats one day. :-) One my favorite behaviors ever was training a goat to bow.

    Looking forward to watching them grow up!


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